Reserve a Meeting Room Online

Are you interested in using a library meeting room? Now you can request the day, time, and room online using our new meeting room reservation system. Meeting rooms must be used for community-based, not-for-profit groups only, and may be reserved 90 days in advance.

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Evanced Room Reserve System

  1. On the left hand side of the page, you will see a calendar that shows the current month, and has today’s date highlighted. On that calendar, select the date that you need to reserve. You can move to future months by clicking on the drop-down menu arrow next to the current month. You can only place reservations 3 months in advance.
  2. Once you have selected the correct day, you must decide if you need the full meeting room (A & B) or just a half. Meeting Room A is the side with the audiovisual equipment, and Meeting Room B has the kitchen. If you do not expect more than 15 people, you must only schedule a half room. Click on the room size needed. The full meeting room (A & B) is the default setting.
  3. Place check marks next to the time slots needed for the meeting.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue.
  5. Fill in your organization’s information. Items with an asterisk (*) are required fields, and must be filled with something. In the Purpose field, simply type the word “meeting”, or “event”– something simple.
  6. Click Verify Request at the bottom of the page.
  7. Check through the information and make sure the date, time and room are correct.
  8. Click Submit Request at the bottom of the page.
  9. The request is now complete. You will receive notification if your request cannot be fulfilled. All use of the meeting room is subject to the approval of the Director or designated staff as to the availability of the room, the time and purpose of the meeting.

Morgan County Public Library Meeting Room Policy


Meeting rooms located at the Main, Monrovia, and Waverly branches of the Morgan
County Public Library shall be available on a first-reserved basis to nonprofit
organizations that have a community base within the county. All use of the meeting
room is subject to the approval of the Director or designated staff as to the availability of
the room, the time and purpose of the meeting.
Groups using a meeting room may not charge admission, ask for donations, or sell items
on the premises without prior approval of the Director.
Each organization using a meeting room assumes the full responsibility for any damages
incurred resulting from the use of the room and its facilities.
The adult that reserves the room, either online or in-house, assumes the responsibility of
seeing that the facilities are properly cared for, that cleanliness is maintained, and that the
room is returned to its original order. Failure to do so will result in revocation of meeting
room privileges.
The Morgan County Public Library also reserves the right to terminate the use of the
facilities when such use is not in the public interest (Example: If facilities are damaged,
or regular library services are disrupted.)

Because of safety and legal regulations, the following rules apply to meeting room

  • smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited
  • no form of gambling is permitted
  • all children/teen functions must be adequately supervised by an adult

The full meeting room (Rooms A & B) at the Main branch accommodates 40 persons, but
there must be a minimum of 15 expected attendees to book the full room. It may be
divided into two rooms for separate meetings. The maximum capacity per half is 20
persons, with a minimum of 4 people per half. Room A is equipped with a large
whiteboard, a TV with laptop hook-up, and a DVD player. Room B is equipped with a
small whiteboard, and has access to a kitchenette. Both rooms have wireless internet
The meeting room at the Monrovia branch can accommodate up to 50 persons, but there
must be a minimum of 10 expected attendees to book the room. The room is equipped
with a TV and DVD player, access to a full kitchen, and wireless internet access. This
location may be booked for private parties, baby showers, and other small events for a
fee. This fee must be paid at the time the room is reserved.


Approved by the Morgan County Public Library Board of Directors on August 25, 2014.