Reconsideration of Materials, Programs or Displays

The library serves a pluralistic community and library resources that are acceptable to one patron may not be acceptable to another. The Library Board of Trustees believes that individuals may reject for themselves library resources which they do not approve, however individuals do not have the right to restrict the freedom of others to use those resources. Nevertheless, the library permits patrons in its service area to request that resources be reviewed for reconsideration.

A form is provided for a patron wishing to request that the Library reconsider a specific work, program, or display currently in the Morgan County Public Library’s collection. The form is available on the Library’s website, and at each Library branch. The patron may complete the form and submit it to their Library branch or email it to the Director. The Library Director will review the resource and write a letter of response to the patron within four weeks of receipt of the form. If the patron has further concerns after receiving the Library Director’s response, the patron may appeal the decision at the next regular meeting of the Library Board. The decision on all reconsiderations of a specific item, program, or display will remain in effect for three years. All reconsideration requests about library resources are viewed in the context of the Collection Development policy.

Collection Development Policy

Request for Reconsideration Form